How I Met Master Sha

April 2005. I had just driven home to Tucson from a rehabilitation center in Phoenix, where my father had been transferred after being discharged from Mao Clinic.  The three doctors in Mao Clinic told my father he had only three months to live if he did not amputate his leg.  As, his condition of gangrene worsened, my sister flew in from France, where she lives, and my brother came home from a business trip out of the country. We joined together as a family to do whatever was needed to support our father.

I just returned home, after a two-hour drive, and my brother called. He said that a doctor of Chinese Medicine named Master Sha was going to come to the rehabilitation center to give a healing to our dad and that I had to hurry back, as he was coming later that afternoon.

Cheryl Wallace, who was traveling with Master Sha, called my brother, Jeff, to arrange a meeting with him. Cheryl’s friend worked on my brother’s newsletter. Knowing Jeff by reputations, Cheryl thought Master Sha would like to meet him since he was doing many things that Master Sha was also interested in doing including lecturing worldwide, holding international conferences for thousands and publishing books.

When Cheryl called Jeff, he said that he would be happy to meet Master Sha but that his father was in a rehab center and that he could not meet until after 8pm when it closed.  Then Master Sha offered to come to the rehab center to do a healing for him.

So a few hours later, I arrived back in Phoenix at the rehab center. Master Sha and a small group of people came to my father’s room, where my sister, my brother and I were waiting with my dad.

Master Sha offered a karma clearing and gave him Soul Software for numerous organs. He gave him the book Power Healing and inscribed it with a number 3396815. He told my father how to say this number in Chinese “san san jiu liu ba yao wu,” and explained it is a healing code.

The next part of the story can be seen in Soul Masters: Master Guo and Master Sha, as ten days after that meeting, I joined Master Sha and sixty of his students at Master Guo’s clinic in Shijiazhuang, China.


  1. Master Sha is so Generous! What a beautiful first meeting (in this lifetime) you had with him.
    In the second to last paragraph, you say he gave the book, Power of Soul. I think it may have been Power Healing, or another title, because Power of Soul was only published in 2009.

    1. Dearest Christine, thank you so much for your post. Yes, you are right. I will correct the book title, it was Power Healing. I appreciate your help and contribution to the blog. Much love and gratitude, Master Sande

    2. Dearest Master Sande and my dear sister and friend,

      Thank you for flowing this beautiful site and blog. I never knew the intimate details until now. Truly everything is in Divine order and Heaven brings their Highest Saint. Thank you Master Sha and Thank you Master Sande for responding to a higher calling and creating this film because it is the film and all the souls in it and who made it that opened the hearts of so many around the world. Love to you and your dear father and family.