Behind the Scenes

                                             Behind the Scenes From Soul Masters
Screen shot of Master Sha from Soul Masters
Master Guo and Master Sha at Master Guo's Clinic during the
filming of Soul Masters
                                          Master Sande with Erjie, Master Guo's second daughter at
                                    Master Guo's Clinic when filming was over

Master Guo does remote healing of Marty Zeig, Master Sande's father, with
his three daughters beside him and his adopted son, Master Sha. on far right at
Master Guo's Clinic
Master Guo and Master Sha during Skpe call
Screen shot of Master Sha from Soul Masters

Mina,  Master Sande and line producer Shan Donbing, during
the filming of Soul Masters

Media Volunteers Around The World

Our 5 Year Old Volunteer Learning How to Switch, Vancouver, Canada


Kamera Kids' Interviews at Tao Song and Tao Dance Retreat, Frankfort, Germany

San Francisco, CA

Berlin, Germany
Berlin, Germany
Estes Park, CO

Special thanks to Lyn Sims, Photographer, Firuzan Mistry and Nina Mistry for their contribution in creating "My Soul Healing Miracles Journey Filming Master Sha's Service"


  1. Dearest Beloved Master Sande, I love you. Thank you from my heart & soul for creating this powerful & heart touching blog, to bring Master Sha to all of us& humanity through your filming.Love you,Love you,Love you.

    1. Dearest Beloved Master Maya, I love you! Thank you for your help behind the scenes. Thank you for the inspiration, kindness and compassion you bring to me and to all of Master Sha's students. And thank you for being a part of this new and exciting endeavor. Love you! Love you! Love you!

  2. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Is there a place to subscribe so I know when you publish new blogs? I'm not all that familiar with it. Thank you and love you and big hugs!

    1. Dearest Robyn, There now is a place to subscribe on the left side of the page. Thank you for suggesting it. You can also read the blog in many foreign languages now. With love and gratitude, Master Sande

  3. Dear Master Sande, Thank you so much Master Sande for this unbelievable story of your journey with Master Sha. All the pictures capture the true essence of purity, love and devotion of our beloved Master Sha. It is such a gift to us that you can share these pictures with humanity and all souls so that we too can become closer to our teacher. I am very grateful to you for all you do for Master Sha and all of us. Love, Debra

  4. Dear Master Sande. You have a very open, beautiful and king heart! You are so blessed to serve Master Sha in such unique way. You are a collector and keeper of historical moments on Mother Earth and this is so priceless! I'm honored to meet you in this life time also, as in many others I bet!

  5. I know master Sande for 10 years now. I love her deeply with full affection and gratitude in my heart. I admire her for her total dedication to serve her master, master Sha, for her total dedication to serve humanity.
    Sande is very talented in film making arts, but above all, she is wonderful heart, loving caring and compassionate friend.
    I have been very much blessed, to meet Sande this life.
    with love and gratitude
    peter hudoba
    disciple of master Sha